Breathwork was discovered and practiced by monks and yogis of the East for eons to help optimise their mind, body and spirit. In more recent times breathwork has been the focus of various scientific studies that not only validate its importance, but as our understanding of the human body progresses scientists are discovering more benefits that were previously unknown or once thought impossible.

Today it has been incorporated into the daily routines of elite performers including Biohackers, Silicon Valley Executives and Navy SEALS and practiced by world class performers including Tony Robbins, Beyoncé, Tim Ferriss, Joe Rogan, Olympic athletes, MMA fighters and more. Breathwork is simple and can be practiced by virtually anyone – try it yourself and experience the profound benefits of mastering your breath.

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Primal Breathwork was founded to help people train to optimise their health and wellness by changing the way they breathe. The average person takes 23,000 breathes a day, that’s over 8.4 million times a year, breathing is literally the most important human function yet we barely pay any attention to it.

Every mental, emotional and physiological state that we are in has a corresponding breathing pattern, how we breathe when we are stressed, anxious and in fear is very different to how we breathe when relaxed, happy and in flow. Simply by becoming aware of this and changing the way we breathe we can reverse and alter our state of being.

To be able to breathe in a way so that we can manage our energy levels, stress levels and our clarity is a skill that has been used by monks and yogis for thousands of years and with the help of science is today adopted by NAVY SEALS, Military, Silicon Valley CEOs, Elite Athletes and Martial Artists to achieve a state of peak performance and optimal health.

Try a class today and see how breathing better can improve your quality of life.