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Want to explore the world of breathwork or dive deeper into your current practice? You can find Brian teaching at various locations around Hong Kong. All levels welcome. Just wear comfortable clothing, something for hydration and let’s breathe!

Picture courtesy of Fivelements Habitat

Picture courtesy of Fivelements Habitat

fivelements habitat @ Causeway bay

Next class:

Sunday 8 September 4:15pm & 6pm (60 min)

Wednesday 11 September 12:30pm (60 min)

*Complimentary trial class available. Contact me to arrange.

Picture courtesy of Enhale

Picture courtesy of Enhale

enhale @ central

Sunday 2pm (45 min)

Picture courtesy of Ikigai

Picture courtesy of Ikigai

ikigai @ Tsim sha tsui

Tuesday 6:30pm (45 min)

Friday 12pm (45 min)

*Complimentary trial class available. Register at



One out of three people in Hong Kong suffer from excess stress, anxiety or depression as shown in a recent study in 2018. As common as this problem is unfortunately it is not surprising given the fast paced and stressful work culture of Asia’s financial hub.

Breathwork has been shown from the battlefield of Navy SEALS to the boardrooms of Silicon Valley execs to be a highly efficient and simple way for individuals to manage their stress, boost energy levels, prevent burn outs, get into that optimal flow state and perform at their very best!

one on one

Breathwork has multiple layers and the deeper we go the closer we get back to our true essence. As we go through life we consciously and unconsciously pick up habits, conditioning and programming - some that serve us but many no longer do and actually hold us back in life.

Breathwork can help us release ourselves from these shackles and build a new future. Breakthroughs are just the beginning in Breathwork, how we integrate and make these breakthroughs become lasting changes is where the real work begins. If you want to dive deeper within than a regular class or workshop then multiple private one on one sessions may be the right option for you.